W Sydney Medical Clinic

"W Sydney Medical Clinic is a combined medical group where each department is run by fully qualified medical professionals and highly professional staffs.We promise to deliver outstanding results with special patient care from the beginning and ongoing maintenance. You can always relax comfortably in our luxurious environment, knowing that you are in the hands of our highly skilled, caring and professional team."

Annual Eye Examinations

Why is it important?

Having an annual eye examination is important to keep your prescription updated and to find any early signs of eye diseases such as Glaucoma and Macular Degeneratio

Contact Lenses

At W Sydney Medical, we have a variety of different contact lenses to suit the needs of each patient, recommended after an eye test by our qualified optometrist Dr Faye Yu.

Children’s Vision

It is important to have your children’s vision examined regularly as it is essential to a child’s growth. Children’s eyes are constantly exposed and used in reading, writing, blackboard and computing, and it is important for parents to be aware of the early signs of vision problems such as;